Top 10 Best Foldable Electric Bikes – Buyer’s Guide

To help reduce the carbon footprint, using the best foldable electric bike is the way to go. You can enjoy the outdoors to commute to work or ride around town. Furthermore, it helps reduce traffic and makes transporting and storing easier.

For this reason, we chose the top-selling electric bikes with a foldable design to make your selection simpler right here. Once you have browsed through the collection and still have unanswered questions about the e-bike, make sure to read the FAQs at the end.

10. Swagtron EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike

The Swagcycle is an elite folding e-bike equipped with 16-inch wheels, and it comes with a swappable battery. It also has a key lock with a rear suspension to provide you with a comfortable ride.

The price is low when it comes to a folding electric bike compared to other models available. You get a top speed of 18 miles per hour and are equipped with a headlight, throttle, and charging port.

You can buy it with a red or white frame, and it has an aluminum structure offering you a hybrid mix between electric and traditional bicycles.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • The hybrid mix of e-bike and traditional bicycle with 16-inch wheels
  • Offers you three riding modes: throttle only, power-assisted, and pedal-only
  • Travels up to 15 miles on a single charge
  • Equipped with a 350W motor to speed up to 18mph
  • The battery removes and is swappable
  • It has an IPx4 rating with rear suspension
  • Dimensions unfolded 67-inches x 26.3-inches x 44.5-inches
  • One-year warranty

What we like:

  • Affordable price
  • Folds up compact for storage
  • Lightweight for traveling

What we do not like:

  • Only travels 15mph on a single charge

9. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

This foldable electric mountain bike has a lightweight aluminum design with double-shock absorption. There is a front mechanical and rear disc brake with a 21-speed transmission system. The wheels have a 26-inch magnesium alloy structure with thick anti-slip tires.

Furthermore, it comes with three working modes: an e-bike, assisted bicycle, or a regular bike. Moreover, it comes with a LED three-speed meter button to select the methods according to your needs.

The electric bicycles are powered with a 36V 8AH lithium-ion front battery with a 250W motor to reach 17mph per charge. You receive the e-bike partially assembled.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • Available in a black color
  • Offers you three riding modes: throttle only, power-assisted, and pedal-only
  • Travels up to 17 miles on a single charge
  • Equipped with a 250W motor to speed up to 30mph
  • Made with aluminum frame and 26-inch wheels
  • Equipped with a 36V 8AH rechargeable battery

What we like:

  • Equipped with high-end features
  • Outfitted with slip-resistant tires
  • Reasonable speed on a full charge

What we do not like:

  • It takes a long time for the battery to charge

8. Hiboy P10 Folding Electric Bike for Adults

While this folding electric bike only has 12-inch wheels and is small, it has a powerful motor to get you from A to B. It has a 350W brushless hub motor for speeding up to 15 miles per hour. The high-capacity battery can travel up to 21mph on a full charge.

The air-filled rubber tires are smooth and have a solid frame with a portable design. The size of the bike is 39.3-inches x 35.3-inches x 19.6-inches and collapsible for transport and storage. You receive it pre-assembled to prevent complicated assemblies. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly and practical to use with three modes.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • 350W electric brushless hub motor 12-inch wheels
  • Offers you three riding modes: throttle only, power-assisted, and pedal-only
  • Travels up to 15 miles on a single charge
  • Dimensions 39.3-inches x 35.3-inches x 19.6-inches
  • Available in black color with red decal

What we like:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight for traveling and storage

What we do not like:

  • Only travels at 15 miles per hour

7. DJ Folding Bike Step Through Electric Bicycle

Here we have another exceptional folding e-bike equipped with a 750W motor and 48V 13AH battery. The pearl white looks beautiful, and it has a LED bike light with a suspension fork and outfitted with a Shimano gear.

The peak power is 1000W to make it able to move up steep hills. Furthermore, it has a sporty stainless aluminum frame and Tektro brakes made with mainstream components. With the folding design, you can fold it compact for transporting and storage.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • Powerful 750W motor with a peak power of 1000W
  • Equipped with a Samsung 48V 13AH dismountable battery with key lock
  • Made with an aluminum frame with Tektro disc brakes
  • Outfitted with Kenda 20 x 4-inch tires
  • Designed with Mozo fork and comfortable cushion saddle
  • Fitted with a rear cargo rack and Shimano 7 gears
  • Legal speed of 20mph

What we like:

  • Great price
  • Lots of power
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonable battery life

What we do not like:

  • Concerns with how the battery sits

6. Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike with LCD Display

Take charge of your commuting with this foldable electric bike equipped with a 5.2AH lithium-ion battery and a 250W hub motor. The max range is 17 miles per hour with a max speed of 15mph.

Furthermore, it comes with twist throttle acceleration with an adjustable seat. When folded, it is lightweight to carry in your hand with a handle. The frame is aluminum alloy and supports a weight of up to 250 lbs.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • Equipped with a 5.2AH rechargeable battery
  • Fitted with 250W hub motor
  • The max speed is 15mph, and the max range is 17mph
  • Supports weight up to 250lbs
  • Designed with 12-inch wheels and available in a black color

What we like:

  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comfortable to ride

What we do not like:

  • Quality concerns with the battery

5. G-Force T42 Folding Electric Bike

The T42 is a convenient folding e-bike for commuting to work and easy to store. The bike comes pre-assembled, and you only need to fix the handlebars. The bicycle has a 48V battery fitted with a 350W motor.

The max speed is 20 miles per hour with a max battery life of 35 miles. The front of the bicycle and seat adjust to different heights, and you get three riding modes. Furthermore, it has 20-inch tires to provide a comfortable ride.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • Folding design equipped with a 48V battery
  • Offers you three riding modes: throttle only, power-assisted, and pedal-only
  • Max speed 20mph with a max battery use up to 35mph
  • Equipped with a 350W motor
  • Adjustable front and seat
  • Outfitted with 20-inch tires and disc brakes
  • Available in black or white

What we like:

  • Looks cool
  • Superfast for commuting around town
  • Durable design

What we do not like:

  • Outstanding quality without any concerns

4. Angotrade Electric Folding Bike for Adult

This mountain bike has a folding and electric design offering you three modes of transport. You can use it as an e-bike, assisted pedaling, or pedaling alone. It comes with mechanical front and rear brakes with a 21-speed Shimano transmission.

Furthermore, it has a 250W motor to travel up to 21 miles per hour and ideal for climbing. For power, it has a 36V/8AH rechargeable battery to support up to 15 miles per hour in e-bike mode. You get fast-charging up to six hours, and when folded, it is lightweight for carrying and storage.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • Equipped with 26-inch wheels and made with an aluminum frame
  • Available in white color with black decal
  • You get three riding modes
  • Equipped with a 21-speed Shimano transmission system
  • Made with a 250W motor and 38V 8AH rechargeable battery
  • Travels 15 miles per hour in e-mode

What we like:

  • Portable and foldable
  • Runs smoothly
  • Reaches a top speed of 19mph

What we do not like:

  • No concerns with the design or quality of the parts

3. Sohoo 48V500W12AH Folding Electric Bike

The foldable e-bike offers you extensive use to use on challenging terrains. It comes with a one-piece folding aluminum frame with a shock and front fork. The luggage rack detaches and comes with a belt clip saddle to hold up to 350lbs of weight.

The massive 48V12AH battery offers a peak wattage of 915 with the rear-drive motor to reach up to 27mph. It has multi-tooth tires for mountain climbing to conquer any terrain. Furthermore, it comes with a walk mode, throttle mode, and pedal-assisted mode.

Moreover, it also has a Shimano seven-inch drivetrain with an LED headlight and rear light. There is a rearview mirror on the left side, and all the cables are hidden away to keep things clutter-free.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • Available in a black/orange color
  • Made with aluminum frame and 20-inch tires
  • Equipped with disc brakes, 48V battery, three modes of riding
  • Travels up to 27 miles per hour
  • Fitted with LED front-rear light, rearview mirror, Shimano 7-inch drivetrain
  • Detachable luggage rack

What we like:

  • Good quality bike
  • Made with quality components
  • Fun to ride and transport

What we do not like:

  • A bit challenging to assemble

2. KUAFU Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

The folding e-bike has a powerful 500W motor with a removable rechargeable battery and aluminum frame. It comes with a front fork for cruising over snowy to sandy terrains. The climbing performance is excellent, with a speed of 20mph.

You can travel a distance up to 23-miles per charge, and it takes up to eight hours for the battery to charge. Furthermore, it has a rear motor with a standard disc brake set and a battery lock.

On the other hand, you get a variable speed control twist throttle and comes with a power lock.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • Designed with a medium-size made with an aluminum frame
  • Equipped with 20-inch wheels
  • Available in a black color
  • It has a front fork with a standard brake set
  • Maximum speed 20mph and travels up to 23 miles on a charge
  • Fitted with a rear motor with variable speed control with twist throttle

What we like:

  • Made for tall people
  • Solid design at a reasonable price

What we do not like:

  • Poor assembly instructions

1. Fido D2S Folding Electric Bike

The Fido has a lightweight foldable design made with a collapsible aluminum frame. It has three working modes with a LED three-speed smart meter button to enjoy a burst of speed when needed.

It comes with dual disc brakes for stable and safe riding, while the front fork is made of carbon steel. Furthermore, it has a shock-absorbing design with alloy wheels and a bright LED headlamp with a horn.

Foldable Electric Bike at a glance:

  • It has a small aluminum frame with a front fork made of carbon steel
  • Outfitted with 16-inch wheels and 250W motor
  • Weight limit 265lbs
  • It has three working modes with an LED three-speed smart meter
  • Built-in 36V rechargeable battery with speed up to 15mph
  • Fitted with Shimano six-speed gear with a one-year warranty

What we like:

  • Fun to ride
  • Durable and compact
  • Fast to travel with around town

What we do not like:

  • Not fitted with the best tires

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Foldable Electric Bike:

Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions related to the product.

Is it worth investing in a folding electric bike?

Yes, it remains a great choice if you want to ride it with pedal assist or not. On the other hand, it folds up for transporting and storage as well.

Are folding e-bikes slower?

No, it is not as you can find it available with different motors providing you with a wide selection of speeds. The frame is lightweight, making it comfortable to carry as needed.

How fast can a 1000W electric bike go?

The top speed is 32 miles per hour when supporting a man weighing 190 pounds.

How fast can a foldable electric bike go?

The max speed is 15mph, while other models provide you up to 20mph.

Final Thoughts

With the best foldable electric bike, you get the versatility to use it in different riding modes. For this reason, you can use it with pedal assist, e-mode, or as a traditional bike. Furthermore, the folding frame makes it easy to transport when commuting by train. Moreover, it folds up compact for storage as well.

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